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Hot! Veteran Multi-Platinum DJ/Producer Crew the Beatologist launch

LOS ANGELES, CA  – Since its inception in 1989, Beatology has helped most of the biggest entertainment industry brands, putting hard- hitting sounds into heavy rotation on radio and products to the market place. Beatology enters  the new millennium with a new commitment to raise musical innovation to a level worthy of the new era. In addition to providing the first look at host of fresh new talent, Beatology is home to a diverse assemblage of already established platinum- selling producers, writers, musicians, engineers and marketing, promotion and branding experts.

In the time since Beatology’s entry into the music business, breakings artists and brands has become the substance that will make this team blazing new ground as the new centurions. Beatology Music Inc. gave early exposure to several now multi-platinum artists and brands. Our producers have also worked with many of today’s already established platinum recording artists including Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Beats by Dre and many more.

Beatology prides itself on being uniquely positioned to offer original, relevant, quality product in almost any musical genre. With an array of styles ranging from Dubstep, Pop, R&B, Inspiration, Gospel, Reggae and House, Beatology’s capabilities extend far beyond the competition.

Beatology is constantly re-defining the limits off its potential.  It continues to strive to become one of the most sought after, and respected music companies of the next decade. Beatology is on the cutting edge of the industry. As we look to continue establishing and working with many of today’s hottest brands the possibilities are limitless. We welcome you to join the experience.

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Showcase Your Next Project!