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Hot! Video Unedited: Wack100 On Maino Beef, Saving Scott Storch, & Gonzoe | DocHicksTv

Dochickstv finally had a interview with Wack100 were they discuss his recent tupac comments that many of the viewers felt was disrespectful. He also gives behind the scenes info on what he claims happened in the maino situation surrounding the meek mill beef where him and game had a video shoot in Brooklyn. He also gives his take on the Treach situation that recently happened when Treach allegedly went to California looking for him. Its alot of info in this video so I just sat back and let him talk. Wack100 talks Gonzoe being on Coke and, muminfitness, K9 & G. Principle only beefing with him for instagram followers.

Requested: Wack100 Interview On Maino fade, Treach, Scott Storch, Migos + More

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Showcase Your Next Project!