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Hot! Video The D.O.C. on Ice Cube Leaving NWA: Cube Was the Spirit

The D.O.C. remembered back to his days with NWA, including recording his hit “Funky Enough” with Dr. Dre, his memories of Arabian Prince, and more.

When asked about why he rapped in a Jamaican accent on “Funky Enough,” the Dallas-born emcee simply replied that he was drunk and that’s how he was feeling when he recorded the song. The D.O.C. explained that he wrote the lyrics to a different beat a few months prior to recording the song, and he said that when he heard Dre’s beat it sounded Jamaican to him.

Speaking more about his time spent with NWA, The D.O.C. shared his thoughts on Ice Cube leaving the group, as he shared that he initially believed the group had lost their energy. He added that “Cube was the spirit” and the energy of the group, which The D.O.C. felt would be a huge blow when NWA lost him.

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