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Hot! Suge Knights Son Not Pleased With Funk Flex Recent Remarks!

Suge Knights Son Wasn’t Too Pleased With The Recent Instagram Outburst Of East Coast Disc Jockey Funk Master Flex. A 20 Plus Year Vet And A Big Fixture In His Field Of Play, Wrote About Suge Knight Via IG After Footage Appeared Online Of The 1x C.E.O. Plea To Speak To His Lawyers Be Denied By A State Judge, In One Of His Many Visits To Come, In A Judicial Court Room.

Hahaha! Bet he wanna turn back that clock and dance  in them videos!!!! He humble pie! Lotta yes sir/no sir !!! – Funk Master Flex

Keeping A Watchful Eye And Being The Backbone To His Fathers Accounts, Its Only So Many Battles One Can Fight On There Own. Suge J. Step Up To His Fathers Defense, As The Young Man Should. Being That We Have All Been Told One Time Or Another No Matter The Feelings. One Is Too Never Kick A Man Once He Down, Especially If He Is Unjustly Locked Behind Bars With Very Little Rights. Very Bold Thing To Say From A Guy Who Has Probably Never Walked A Prison Yard A Day In His Life. Peep Out What The Young Suge Knight Had To Say Below.

Whoa Flex now you crossing the line. You’re a lowlife and only a punk to even say this while my pops is locked up unjustly. You’re way too old to be keeping up this division between us black men and you also show how much you lack being a man. Whatever you’re mad about 20 years ago you should’ve pressed the issue 20 years ago. You’re a lame OG and you will never be an OG because you still move like a little bitch. Bad representation of the east & Thats why you’re a female bro. You was just crying not too long ago… All I’m going to say is leave my family alone dude because we not worried about you, but you really asking for it and you not worth it. Plus if we check you, then we are the bullies all because a punk like you wanted some attention. #FreeSuge #LetThatHurtGo #BeRoleModelNotABitchSuge J. Knight

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