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Hot! Seattle Seahawks chill with rappers Snoop Dogg and E-40

A group of Seattle Seahawks met with Snoop Dogg and West Coast rapper E-40.

The Hawks are getting hyphy!

On Monday, a group of Seattle Seahawks hung out and posed for pictures with Snoop Dogg and West Coast rapper E-40. The group included Kam Chancellor, Bobby Wagner, Bruce Irvin and Dion Bailey.

Thanks to social media, we have the pictures to prove it.

Snoop, a California native who has always been vocal about his love for the West Coast, picked the Seahawks to come out on top in Super Bowl XLIX. It seems, though, that he’s not to be holding any grudges. Maybe he didn’t put any money on it.

We have to wonder what the group talked about during their hang out session.

Maybe the Seahawks players are wondering what happened to Coolio after “Gangster’s Paradise” and though Snoop would know.

Or they were curious what Marshawn Lynch said about them after the Super Bowl last February. Surely Lynch confided in Snoop a bit.

Alternatively, maybe Snoop was picking the Seahawks players’ brains to determine the best landing spot for his son, Cordell Broadus. Cordell, who announced on National Signing Day that he would play football at UCLA next year. Fun fact: Cordell will be teammates with P. Diddy’s son. Truly a hip-hop lover’s paradise.

Or maybe they covered some other topics that cannot be repeated here. Whatever they talked about, we’re sure Tech N9ne is jealous.

While the Seahawks are hanging out with Snoop, the Super Bowl champion Patriots, who beat Seattle to take the crown, are meeting President Obama this week.

Although, I’m sure the Seahawks don’t mind. They got to go to The White House last year. Been there done that, right?

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