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Hot! Video Scarface: Ice Cube’s Genius, But I Never Thought He Was Gangster

here are rumors of a Scarface and Ice Cube joint album floating around, which the Houston legend addressed during an exclusive interview with VladTV. He made the collaboration seem like a possibility, telling us, “We’re both on that independent s*** right now.”

Speaking more about Ice Cube, Scarface addressed World Class Wreckin’ Crew founder Alonzo Williams telling VladTV that the “No Vaseline” emcee was a “good actor” when it came to his gangster status. When asked about Williams’ comments, Scarface admitted that while he believes Cube is a genius writer, he never believed that he was a true gangster.

The conversation also touched on ghostwriting in hip-hop, which Scarface had two viewpoints about. When the question was first presented to him, the “On My Block” emcee pointed out that Beyonce and Taylor Swift, two of the biggest artists today, have people write their songs. However, Scarface said he would be very upset if he found out Rakim or Kool G Rap didn’t write their own rhymes.

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