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Hot! Rick Rock Releases Cover Art & Tracklist To “Rocket”

Rick Rock (born Ricardo Thomas) hip-hop producer from Birmingham, Alabama, raised in Oakland, California. Started out as a rapper and drummer in 1991, but made his way to producing in 1995. Rick Rock got his start when he met Doonie Baby and Big Lurch at Slop Shop Studios in the San Francisco Bay area and formed Cosmic Slop Shop, condensing the studio’s name with Cosmic Slop, the 1973 album by Funkadelic. The group released their debut album Da Family in 1998 through MCA Records but, disappointed that it wasn’t more successful, disbanded without recording a second album.

Rick Rock continued to produce, and, in 2002, he and Doonie Baby formed The Federation with rappers Stressmatic and Goldie Gold. In 2002, Big Lurch was incarcerated for cannibalizing his female roommate while he was high under the effects of PCP and was sentenced to life in prison in 2003.

Also know as a super producer for greats such as Will Smith, Tupac, Fabolous, E-40, C-Bo, Snoop Dogg among many others, The Alabama/Bay Area producer is now gearing up for his Debut solo release “Rocket.” No release date has been giving and the album is packed with features from heavy weights such as E-40, Techn9ne, Problem, Battle Loc, Clyde Carson, Snoop Dogg and many more.



1. Rick Rock featuring Problem and 1stPlace – A.I.T.T.
2. Rick Rock featuring Battle Loc – Rocket
3. Rick Rock – Super Aries
4. Rick Rock – Ever Since She Heard Hyphy
5. Rick Rock featuring E-40 – I Luv The Bay
6. Let’s Go
7. I Never (featuring Snoop Dogg)
8. The Music (featuring Crooked I and Xzibit)
9. Citizen (featuring Battle Loc)
10. Reppin’ THe Bay (featuring Clyde Carson)
11. Donky Kong (featuring Tech N9Ne and Big Tic)
12. Slice (featuring Midaughter)


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