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Hot! Review: A-Wax – Everlasting Money

Hiphop is forever lasting and forever changing. Right now I find myself in a constant state of flux when it comes to this industry, with the music its produced over the last ten years. I’m a golden area head and I can admit it, I like my Bboys raw in them New Era fitted’s. I need an Emcee lyrically gifted that can paint me a picture. An Emcee that would go to war for all for no matter the scripture. To say its been along time since someone gifted and barbaric has touched my ears is an  understatement. I’ve turned off my radio in the car, my iPod playlist has been reduced to old Mac Miller or Jurassic Five joints. New school Hip Hop feels so jaded, so conflicted with itself.

   In one hand these artists claim to be new cowboys off the industry, without a 45, but instead an auto tuned pistol. Lyrics have been forsaken, and we have been waiting for an arstit to take the soul of the new and blend it with body of the old. Hiphop has become a world of fast money fast cars and fast women. Its an industry now that honestly takes a lot of acceptance if you want to be apart of it, for all the good and bad reasons. A Wax is a new school artisit from Pittsburg, California that we feel can finally bring some truth and substance back to Rap Music. His music brings a good message  through a story of a life struggles and achievements. A Wax is the Non-Nikki Minaj dating, Non Sugar coated Emcee we have been looking for. His first track off the LP is called “Everlasting Money” from this track on its a “Go” and we encourage you to roll up, slow up, and enjoy this album in the same manner we did.

   A Wax is a California native, who grew up in the suburbs of San Francisco. At sixteen, A Wax’s life had moved from the school yard to the streets. After a few brushes with Big Brother he was sent to Seattle with hopes of  making a fresh start. A young mind is an impressionable thing and A Wax went from the bee hive into the hornets nest overnight. With a huge influx of gangs and drugs Seattle in the 1980’s was hit hard by the bloods and crips. The streets were at war, gangs fought over turf (territory) that was used to sell drugs and secure gang status. Drawn to this life style at a young age Wax pledged his loyalty to the Elm Street Piru’s an infamous Blood set in the Pacific Northwest. A wax didn’t hesitate to  “put in work” for his crew and after landing a manslaughter charge, the hornets nest grew into the shark tank better known as Walla Walla state prison. sense his release in 2001 A wax has released four solo albums and worked with L.A’s underground titan The Game. With the goal of having a notable radio presence A Wax blends his thuggish ruggish style with true life events and a modern flow. He paints a great scene over a smooth beat selection through out the “EverLasting Money” LP. The title song makes a huge impact on the listener and sets up the tone for the rest of the project. The song itself is set up with a great  boom pap drum style behind a west coast anthem lyric delivery. The song will leave you looking for more. A Wax delivers that in song after song on the project.

   The second track on the LP “Tried As An Adult” has hit single written all over it. The song is literally about A Wax being tried as adult when he was in his youth.  A wax went to jail at a young age, a hard thing to do as an adult, we can only imagine what its like for the mind of a teenager.  The prison where Wax served out his manslaughter charge is a smaller crazier version of Walla Walla itself.  With an operating capacity of 2200, Washington state pen is the second largest prison in the state. With an address thats even a little unlucky, It is located at 1313 N. 13th Avenue and is commonly refereed to as “the Walls” among inmates, this place is not for the weak. Wax puts out a clear message with this song. He has been through a lot at a young age, he had to face these challenges away from friends plus family, and prison life leaves you a with very clear feeling of how your going to spend a lot of your time when your out. Since leaving custody A Wax ha s released projects for the papst ten years. He has teamed up with artists from all over the country and seen great success. To this date he has not broken through to the next level of the industry. This project will do that for A Wax. “Tried As An Adult” is one of many tracks on the LP that are radio ready and also likeable by people of all walks of life. A Wax makes music that talks to the listener in a personal way.

  The third track on the “EverLasting Money” LP is “Smoke Alone” which also had a video debut on World Star Last week. The song continues on with the story of A Wax’s life that has been unfolding since we pressed play. “Smoke Alone” delvs into more of A Wax’s personal feeling of abondement and life. The video is dark and gritty and portrays perfectly the theme of the record. From here we or any listener will be hooked to listen to the rest of the story A Wax writes. With 15 total tracks and features from: Erk Tha Jerk, Baby Bash and more this LP does not disappoint. We are excited to see the reaction to the project from music fans across the globe.

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