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Hot! Reclaiming The Community | Cover + Tracklist

“This CD is really just a reflection of movements that are currently happening all over the U.S.,” Edison says. “The street rappers and hip-hop artists are the voice of those people. It’s the natural outcome of that larger desire for self-determination that you’ll see all through southeast San Diego.”

Most of the artists featured on the album are native to southeast San Diego, and those that aren’t still have close ties to the southeast community. But regardless of ZIP code, Edison says that the message of the compilation is bigger than the district. – SD CityBeat


1.Big June featuring Tru7h – Follow Me
2.Black Mikey and Monty Warren Buffet – Take A Stand
3.Hotta – Shots Fired
4.Odessa Kane – As One
5.C-Hecc – True Story
6.Licwit featuring LooseLyric – Everyday is a Hussle

7.Bossman Hogg feat Sharon Sheree and 4th Kota – Time Dont Wait
8.Ecay Uno – Cold World
9.Tiny Doo – Deserve This
10.Aye Hit – Make It


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Showcase Your Next Project!