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Hot! Rappin’ 4-Tay Arrested For First Degree Residential Burglary

Rappin’ 4-Tay — best known for his ’94 hit “Playaz Club” — was arrested for first degree residential burglary … TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the case tell TMZ, the rapper is sitting in a San Francisco jail, with his bail set at $112,000.  It is speculated that his arrest occurred on Sept. 24th. He’s been sitting in a California jail cell since then. Details on the alleged burglary are still unclear, but the gossip site was reportedly told it’s just the latest incident in a string of legal troubles.

He also has allegedly took stuff out of a commercial building recently … Local police discovered 2 outstanding warrants when 4-Tay was taken into custody.



  1. This yo chance to sober up foe… U fell off!

  2. Prayers going up folks!!!

  3. this is what those sherm sticks do to you they make u a sherm head like rappin 4 Tay smdh

  4. And that nigga is a fag to me. He messes with homosexuals when he’s in prison. Not something I heard, but something I seen with my own eyes in San Quentin.

  5. I just sold him some bomb him and his wife

  6. And for those that are sitting up here talking about this man and do not know that this man has family that are actually listening and watching and reading everything that you are saying so I was you guys if you have nothing respectful to say about my uncle please do not speak upon him don’t say nothing if it’s not something positive do not call me do not writing a statement don’t say s*** how about that

  7. Mf Sho got alot to say When ah hood dude is down and Out! Ol Sucka ass N****

  8. Say to drugs and fags I will pray dog get back on track

  9. Say no drugs and fags I will pray dog get back on track

  10. Dude, 95 % of today’s
    rappers are fags…

  11. Now you can ask for the help you need. You can help others once you help yourself.

  12. Really good person, wrong choices, love you bra get well

  13. To my brother, keep you head up, now you have to keep fighting that pig in the suit. We’ve been boy from back in the days rolling with pac, and cube. I will pray that you get back on track. Keep fight and don’t ever stop.
    Peace and love black man.
    St. Ides

  14. Who knows where I can write him.. send info to TNTREC@AOL.COM

  15. Cousin GOD has you..

  16. A few G’s for the pocket no hesitation, no respect make the situation worsen, and start drifting in the wrong direction, he’ll see you later, he ain’t got time, you ain’t nothin’ but a playa hater… #nomoechampagnemrforte ?

  17. Praying for you young man. Rev from KPOO.

  18. neva talk down on a playa …… biach #teamcalibay

  19. The memory I have of him was at a car show about a year ago he walked on stage n started rappin, he had forgotten his song players club lyrics already, everyone boo him off stage. I went up to him to get a picture regardless cuz he’s still a legend in my books, he was cool as fuck meeting him in person down to earth, hope you get well old timer. Prayers.

  20. I have seen him around, he been smoked out in the Tenderloin recently

  21. God’s blessings come in many disguises. This opportunity for him to build himself up and get the help that he needs. People still listen to his music and if he makes a Real Recovery he has a chance at a come back

  22. Stay up family, your family loves you. Your friends love you The Moe loves you don’t worry about a thing. Get well Bruh Bruh. One

  23. We always hate to see this. Hopefully he gets it together and rebuilds his life.

  24. Everybody has made mistakes and had down falls in life. Non greater than others if you hav the same dumb ass feeling after its all said ad done. So judge not. Could you could hav hit with kind of mishapp. And if you knw a brotha or sista is a stand up individual yall should encourage and uplift rathan kiking a motha fucka while they down. #blacklove

  25. Fuck all you bitch ass fools flappin your gums sounds to me ya’ll bunch of hatin ass fools! Before you tell someone about a sty in they eye when they got a redwood forest in they eye! Hope homie gets out soon cause I don’t wish jail on no muthafucker!

  26. Let’s keep shit real, we all known of a family members or a close friends with a substance abuse problems, why throw a person under the bus, who is not in control of his behavior right now. Would you be talking all this shit in public forum if it was your love one, I think not!! This is what is so fuck-up about people in this world, no compassion for one another. In stead of attacking this young brother, finda way to uplift and empower him, who in the hell are you to judge anyone that is in need of help.I am praying for his recovery and for his continue success in life. Any body can change, but change does not happens overnight. Family continue to support him and be firm in your support,it truly takes a villiage!!

  27. Sorry to hear this Forte..Ill keep u lifted in prayer&family.
    You too need to pray

  28. 4 Tay a cool ass dude and his wifey a strong woman that has a job. He got arrested, so tha fuck what. I pray he gets out the TL when he gets out of prison, and makes a music comeback.

  29. Praying for you 4! Love always family

  30. THose of the MOe know this aint new for him…happens every 3-4 yrs..he gets around the wrong people and start back fucking with drugs..and sometimes its him..I love him and he is so talented has done more than the rappers of today…his has made songs with Tupac..RIck James ..and the list goes on and on ..he just like to get high and he has horrible people around him ..Very Good person when you catch him on the up stream..and the down stream that Nigga is a G..most Picies flip like that..I just pray that he get help and shake this shit for the last time he getting old..and Im kinda glad he getting a break my Niga was looking bad

  31. I just want him to get better……that’s all.

  32. Let me know where I can write him. Hit me at

  33. What’s cracking 4 I know if don’t nobody else do Double D know LV 702 playah jay Something to Roll too featuring 4-tay playah for life much love

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