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Hot! Pebbelz Da Model Convicted of Manslaughter for Botched Booty Shots

Everyone wants the booty, but nobody wants to pay the bill. Natasha Stewart aka “Pebbelz Da Model” has been convicted of manslaughter in the death of 37-year-old Atlanta resident Karima Gordon. Pebbelz, a video vixen/model who has appeared in the videos of rappers such as Cam’Ron and the Uncut DVD series, referred Gordon to Tracey Lynn Garner, an interior/floral designer who subsequently gave her illegal butt injections in March 2012. The silicone injections traveled to Gordon’s lungs eventually leading to her death.

Although Stewart wasn’t the one performing the “procedure”, a judge still felt she contributed to Gordon’s death by accepting a $200 finder’s fee and falsely presenting the florist as a nurse. Stewart has also been linked to a number of other botched booty jobs including a Jackson, Mississippi woman who died after receiving concrete booty injections (You read that right, the same substance used to pave the sidewalk). Garner is said to have used veterinary syringes to inject the silicone, before sealing the injection sites with cotton balls and glue. After Gordon expressed she felt sick, Garner advised the woman to seek emergency treatment, but not to mention the booty shots.

In court, Stewart pleaded her case saying she just wanted to help an insecure woman and didn’t even want payment, but Gordon insisted on compensating her. Originally charged with “depraved-heart” murder which is described as a “callous disregard for human life”, a jury eventually found Stewart guilty of culpable negligence manslaughter. She faces up to 20 years in prison and has yet to be sentenced.

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