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Hot! MC Eiht Reflects on Crafting Theme Music for Drivebys With VLADTV

MC Eiht recalls hearing his first rap song, becoming a part of the movement, and how his new career tied into his gang banging ways. In comparison to today, the early 90’s was a gangster rapper’s time to shine, and MC Eiht made sure his name was put in that category. He began listening to a variety of New York-based hip-hop after hearing “It’s Like That” by Run DMC, the first hip-hop track he’d ever listened to. “And then from there when I first heard Eric B and Rakim [“Eric B. Is President”], that’s when I knew rap music was real,” he explained to DJ Vlad. “So I started thinking about, you know, how can some young gang banging dudes from Compton even fit into this world?”


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  1. Mc eiht always speakin real shitt

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