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Hot! Mac Minister Releases New Single “Mary Jane” From Behind Prison Walls

In 1992 while doing federal time for conspiracy to rob banks Vallejo, rapper Mac Dre released “Back N Da Hood”. A full length album with vocals recorded from over a Fresno County jail phone. It was the first of its kind and a independent classic amongst many fans. Several other notable artist such as X-Rated, Dubee aka SugaWolf and Don Diego have all made successful attempts with the same approach, while having to sit down for a long bid.

Mac Minister is no exception, currently serving a quadruple life sentence in a Las Vegas, NV. High Dessert Prison. The rapper/comedian who graced the intro’s and interlude’s to some of the rap game’s most prominent artist, has released his latest single titled “Mary Jane” from behind those prison walls.

Purchase the single to help Mac Minister with his current legal fees, as he is headed back to court after filing a new motion for new evidence that may possibly set him free. Check out our 2 part interview with the Mac as he speaks on his case some old school West Coast Hip Hop history.



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