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Hot! Los Rakas Releases Official Trailer For “No Tan Listo”

Coming out strong in advance of their double album and summer release, “Soy Raka presents: ‘El Negrito Dun Dun’ y ‘Ricardo'” – the first video off Raka Dun’s (#ElNegritoDunDun) side of the project, “No Tan Listo” drops on the eve of Los Rakas touring nationwide with reggae group, SOJA (dates here). “Standing strong like a lion,” Raka Dun calls out to a world that “ain’t ready” for the duo’s fresh take on hip-hop, dancehall and experimental music in both English and Spanish.

Taking their name from the Panamanian word “Rakataka” – a negative slur used to describe someone from the ghetto – Los Rakas have set out to both inspire fellow “Rakas” by empowering them, and to become successful despite their circumstances, turning the current Latin hip-hop world on its head.

The “No Tan Listo” video features the duo in their natural setting in Oakland, California with Raka Dun – alongside Raka Rich and la Raka family – giving us their raw lyricism, ushering a new era of true American rap and the #SoyRaka movement worldwide!

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