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Hot! Lockup Oakland, Ca. “Dru Down” Ext. Stay – -To PC or Not To PC

Lockup is a prison documentary series, produced by 44 Blue Productions, which airs on MSNBC. The Lockup franchise also includes Lockup: Raw, Lockup: World Tour, Lockup: Extended Stay, Lockup: Special Investigation, and Life After Lockup.
Lockup (and the other series in the franchise) explore prison facilities throughout the United States, profiling notable inmates, incidents, and prison operations. A typical episode usually follows one or two inmates as they attend disciplinary hearings, receive visits from family, and interact with other inmates. In some episodes, inmates are provided with personal video cameras (“inmate cams”) to use in their cells for recording their thoughts.

Santa Rita Jail outside of Oakland, CA has housed its share of quasi-celebs over the years. But when an international rap star arrives on the scene…it’s sort of a big deal.

Meet Dru Down. Real name: Danyle Robinson.

“I’ve never really run into too many people who don’t know me. Me, I’m distinctive to me. You feel me. I have this certain look and aura about myself.”

For more of this celebrity rapper’s story, tune in to the ALL NEW episode of Lockup Saturday at 10 p.m. ET on msnbc!

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