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Hot! Liqz & Lil Rue – Grow Music Coming August 12, 2015

The highly anticipated album release of Liqz and Lil Rue’s Grow Music Album is coming on August 12, 2015. The two artist join together to bring a unmatched chemistry of Marijuana Grow anthems like “Hotbox The Whip” Ft. K-loc, “Hydro Tech” Ft The Jacka of The Mobfigaz(featured on WSHH) and many more gritty hit songs for growers,smokers,Rap/HipHop heads, music fans and critics alike. They mix their two unique aesthetics of the grime street tales and reality of the hard knocks in the harsh world of drug trafficking,poverty, and the street life to bring an unparalleled performance of true street narrations.

Teaming up with legendary Rap/HipHop recording artist The Jacka of The Mobfigaz they have created an unrivaled composition of a Hybrid “MOB” and “Grower/stoner” masterpieces. A historical piece for sure, these artists haven’t held back on any level of production with the albums mixing and mastering done by Lev Berlak of The Grill Studios, Genius album blueprints from The Jacka, and epic visuals shot by Brojackson Grow Music is a vibrant experience.

Other Hit Songs Grow Music brings to you like “Face The King” and “AR”(also featured on WSHH)Featuring The Jacka  are deep and dark  recordings that have unique appeal that is almost opposite, but both epic and refreshing.

All together the strong makeup of this project, expert guidance,direction and selection brought to us By Liqz’s and Lil Rue leaves us with a  “must have” for everyone. This is an epic audio documentary that brings a unforgettable journey for all listeners.

Grow Music will be released August 12, 2015. For the new singles dropping from Grow Music and and the latest news  Follow IG,FB, and twitter @Liqz707 @Ruegar @Jackamobfigaz

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