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Hot! Lil Scrappy’s “Love & Hip Hop” Checks Held To Satisfy Debt

Chunks of Lil Scrappy’s TV paychecks will go directly to concert booking company, Heavy Rotation, until his $100,000 debt to the company is satisfied.

Lil Scrappy, who currently stars in VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop”, better hope he still has some “Money In The Bank” from his 2006 hit single, because he won’t be earning any cash from his TV job for the next little while.

A concert booking company named Heavy Rotation sued the rapper in 2010, and Scrappy was ordered to pay them $72,218.68. Apparently the TV personality never paid up, and the debt has now been inflated to $108,510.38 due to interest and attorney’s fees.

Heavy Rotation took the initiative to request that sums from Scrappy’s “Love & Hip Hop” checks be directly forwarded to them. The court signed off on the request, and the payments will continue until the debt has been satisfied.


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  1. that show sucks dick

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