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Hot! Kevin McCall Details His Issues With Chris Brown,Bad Contracts,Gang Affiliations & More

A lot has happened between Chris Brown and Kevin McCall since the success of C-Breezy’s “Deuces” single, which popped off in 2010. Requesting off his label, but things went sour.

“Hollywood Unlocked” is where McCall went to share his side of the story,a bad deal with C B E. Admitting  he “took the business way too personal,” butrefuses to let the Virginia singer off the hook.

“To make the long story short, paperwork wasn’t correct and I blame that on myself.  I signed it, but at the same time,my partner in here and he saying, ‘ You trust me,? Sign this.’ That’s what happened.”

When asked about Brown’s alleged gang ties. McCall isn’t amused glorifying gangs when he has been confronted with the reality of street violence without having a choice in the matter.

I guess they’re paying to do something,” he says of Breezy, who claims he’s affiliated with the Compton Piru’s “. It’s stupid.”

Watch full interview below…via Hollywood Unlocked

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