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Hot! Video Kev Hicks – “Huey” [Music Video]

Hip-Hop used to be a socially conscious and responsible art form. Before the days of high end fashion exploits and designer drugs grasped the mind’s of its young and easily influenced audience…

Enter Kev Hicks. A Los Angeles bred MC with a lot to say. Not just in a militant or political stance with his new record “Huey”, but with inciteful conversation and concepts that can relate to the average, everyday individual.

When asked what sparked his inspiration for “Huey”, Kev Hicks states:

“The Huey track came about as we’ve all sat and watched what has been happening socially & economically in the urban community across the country. It’s no mystery. It’s everyday news. But it seems like most artists are scared to discuss it, or advised not to”

But don’t be too quick to label Kev Hicks a “Conscious” rapper –

“I’m a writer. I rap about experiences. Whether it’s about relationships, struggle, aspirations or good old party music, I cover it all”.

Over a remotely minimalistic, booming track produced by Balthazar Getty, Kev Hicks speaks on the plight of the inner city and the senselessness police brutality – hoping to ignite the mindset of Huey Newton as the hook chants:

“Huey is back. Huey is Back, fists up – shot down “

Being an artist and utilizing your platform to speak on the ills of society is the least “popular” thing to do, and a brave move for Kev Hicks.  But you’d have to admit, “Huey” is thought provoking, conscious & controversial.  Definitely needed in the hip-hop world today.

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