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Hot! Kendrick Lamar To Perform “Donor Rap” At Terrapin Crossroads Shows

In an attempt to further urge the masses to register as organ donors, Lesh announced that hip-hop superstar and fellow California native Kendrick Lamar has been hired to perform the “Donor Rap” during all upcoming performances at his Northern California venue Terrapin Crossroads. Lesh spoke about the decision to bring Kendrick into the mix in a new interview with The Source, explaining “I’ve been doing the ‘Donor Rap’ for years, because obviously this cause is extremely important to me. But I was starting to feel like it was getting stale, and people weren’t responding to it as much as they used to. I guess that makes sense, though, when you think about it–I’ve been known to spit a few rhymes with the homies every now and again, but I wouldn’t claim to be a real ‘rapper.’ But Kendrick? Man, that kid’s got BARZ! I just know he’s going to take the Donor Rap to a whole new level. This shit is gonna be HOT. Bet on it.”

Lamar declined being interviewed about the new gig, explaining that it’s not about him–it’s about Cody, and all the good that organ donors can do for the world. But we think he’s just being “Humble.”

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