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Hot! Video Keith Murray: Fredro Starr Won By Default, I Defeated Myself

Def Squad member Keith Murray came through to chop it up with VladTV after his heavily scrutinized battle with Fredro Starr.

Murray detailed how the battle between he and Fredro came into fruition. He reveals that MC War initially contacted him with Black Rob lined up as his opponent. Unfortunately, the former Bad Boy artist backed out of the match-up and that is when Fredro Starr stepped up the plate. Last year, there was another mishap as Keith and Fredro were scheduled to battle in Atlanta but the showdown was cancelled as fans waited in the venue. When asked, the Long Island native informed Vlad that money issues led to the postponement of the match-up.

Many were disappointed and even ridiculed Murray for his lackluster bars during the event, some even stated that his performance (or lack thereof) was detrimental to the culture. After apologizing to the public, Keith expounded on the reason behind his inebriated appearance and his lack of focus. Despite that, Murray believes if he wasn’t distracted he would have won that battle. “Fredro Starr won by default, Keith defeated [him]self. I’m up for a rematch right now, anytime! And anybody who thinks they want to challenge Keith Murray, I’m open for that challenge too. It was something fresh and new, and I’m not making excuses the people wanted to know,” asserted the rapper.

Murray then delves into mic issues, how he felt battling over beats as opposed to acapella as most battles take place. He also addressed Fredro Starr calling him a dusthead, why he didn’t go the personal route, and assured us that the Moesha co-star could never seen him on any level.

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