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Hot! Joe Young On Germany Upbringing & Is Putin Using Trump As A Pawn?

After releasing the critical acclaimed Album Invincible Armour with legendary Beatsmith Dame Grease which was labeled the closest Body of work we will see in regards of a full lenght Wu Tang Clan Album as well as a Song called “Watch the Wave” with 2 Grand Spitters Styles P and Termanology last week, Joe Young i s back with a Great Interview about Race relations and gives an Insight on who really runs the World according to his train of thought. He also lets us know that he thinks what everybody is assuming, President Puting is using Donald Trump as a Pawn.


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  1. since this joe young is so smart haha I mean who listens to these no name rappers opinion on anything they dont have 2 nickels to rub together but speak on stuff like they know shit what a joke broke ass nogga

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