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Hot! Ja Rule Addresses V-Nasty & Others N-Word Usage

According to Ja Rule, there is an “unwritten” rule that Puerto Ricans and those of Spanish descent can use the n-word.

Ja Rule was questioned about white rapper V-Nasty and Moroccan rapper French Montana’s use of the n-word. He explained that V-Nasty doesn’t get a pass to use the word despite “how hood” she may appear and also revealed why an artist like French Montana does get a pass.

“It’s not about being hood,” he said. “It’s not about being from the hood that gives you the pass to say. It’s being that minority. I don’t care how hood you are you will never share my struggle. You will never look in the history book and say ‘God damn, those were my people that were being slain and hung and so forth and so on.’ Never. So, I think that’s where the issue comes. I say certain people get passes like that because they are deemed that…You can look at it however you want to look at it, but I know for a fact. From living on both sides of the fence that our neighborhoods are policed different than white neighborhoods.”


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