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Hot! “Hibachi” “Agent 0” Is Back! Just Its At A County Fair Not The NBA.

We’ve all imagined going to our local town fair and finally figuring out the trick to beating those surely-rigged carnival games. Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas did just that on Sunday, although it appears he used more talent than tricks.

Arenas, the former All-Star affectionately known as Agent Zero, took the county fair for all it was worth, using his considerable shooting skills to dominate the basketball games.

It’s heartening to see the “hibachi” shoutout in Arenas’ Instagram post. He used to yell the phrase during games when his jump shot was heating up. One can only imagine the terror on the game operator’s face as Arenas lit up the scoreboard, screaming “hibachi!” and racking up prizes.

Unfortunately, the rest of us without an NBA-level jump shot probably won’t be able to stick it to the man as Arenas did Sunday. But at least for that one glorious day, those rigged carnival games were tilted in favor of the customer.

Take a look at all these stuffed animals:


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