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Hot! Geto Boys Member Willie D Swings For The Fence With New Podcast!!!

On Tuesday, July 20 – the same day he and 21 other Houston rappers marched into a black-owned Houston bank to “redistribute the pain” by opening new accounts – Geto Boys‘ most brazen trumpeter, Willie D, launched his own podcast, and it’s just as provocative and unapologetic as you might think it is. The show entitled Willie D Live, is available each Tuesday at 1:00 pm Central Time, and features in its first episode, a no holds barred interview with white rapper Paul Wall, who had a lot to say about police misconduct, and white people who live in denial about racism:

“People like to come up with excuses for why certain people got killed. ‘If they did this, they wouldn’t have died. If they wouldn’t have did that, they wouldn’t have gotten killed.’ But at the end of the day, nobody should be killed, especially when you see the police shooting somebody three times in the face, 10 times in the face. At the same time, it could be a white person holding a gun or pointing a gun at the police, and he wouldn’t have gotten shot. They’ll talk him down. They’ll shoot him with a taser or a pellet. They always blame the victim. It’s the victim’s fault they got killed. No it’s not,” says Paul.

Later, when Willie D shared his thoughts on why he thinks O.J. Simpson is guilty of murdering his wife, Nicole Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, Paul said that he was glad O.J. Simpson “got off.” The “Sitting Sidewayz” artist also shared his experience meeting with members of Congress at Capitol Hill for music law reform, and discussed the recent murder of his friend on July 4th.

Listeners can subscribe for free to hear Willie D Live on any podcast hosting platform, including Google Play and i-Tunes. Additionally, video segments of each show will be available on the Willie D Live YouTube channel and SoundCloud.

Watch the video on YouTube:

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