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Hot! Fresno Rapper Young Brick “The Strategist” Arrested For Transportation Of Narcotics

On Saturday, February 21, 2015, at 5:49 P.M., Officers Jason Button and Daniel Laband from the Fresno Police Department’s Violent Crime Impact Team were working uniform pro-active patrol and were in the area of Poppy and Grove Avenues when they initiated a traffic stop for an observed vehicle code violation.

Officers contacted the driver, Kevin Simmons aka “Young Brick “The Strategist” and explained the reason for the traffic stop. During their contact with Simmons he allowed officers to search the interior of the vehicle at which time they located a small amount of packaged marijuana on the driver side floorboard. As officers continued their search of the vehicle they located an electronic scale, several small baggies consistent with narcotic packing, and 2, quart sized zip lock bags, that contained a little over a 1 pound of crystal methamphetamine. The methamphetamine was concealed inside a package of Huggies diapers. During questioning Simmons admitted to possessing the marijuana and even though he told officers he had just purchased diapers for his child he denied knowledge of the methamphetamine.

Kevin Simmons was booked into the Fresno County Jail for several narcotics related violations including possession of methamphetamine for sale and transportation of narcotics. The street value of the methamphetamine was determined to be between 5-6 thousand dollars.

About Young Brick “The Strategist”

Kevin DeAngelo Simmons is an American rapper and now author from Fresno, California. Born October 6, 1984 in Duarte, California. Better known by his stage name Young Brick “The Strategist, signed to his self owned label The Hound Entertainment. In 2008 he released his first official mixtape, Strategically Gifted, and later in 2009 he released his first full length street album entitled True Talk.


  1. #ImmaHound, I am thankful that God has his hands on me and thank u all for the love and support. Just left the studio putting in work on these projects I got coming out before I have to sit down.

  2. That’s what u get, karma for not paying what u owe. Remember 2011 u owed my boy and u straight dipped on the debt. But I knew one day u would pay for ur transgression, u POS

  3. You rap skills suck anyway, whack ass rapper , wannabe dboy

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