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Hot! Freeway Rick Addresses Rick Ross Backlash

Former drug kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross has been embroiled in legal battles with rap superstar Rick Ross for years, but the reformed criminal took a thoughtful approach when discussing the current backlash against Rozay that cost him his sponsorship with athletic wear brand Reebok.

“It is a sad situation, but we all have to be responsible about what we say in art and in life,” Freeway Rick stated. “Maybe this will be a turning point that brings a better awareness by artist of repercussions from consumers. The youth are listening and following us all as role models.”

“Endorsers also have to hold this high standard in evaluating who they use to sell products in our communities,” he added. “They can’t just wait until a firestorm and react, they should evaluate their partners throughout the time of their deals.”

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