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Hot! Food, Family, Bad Jokes and Hip-Hop

LOS ANGELES, CA — Fig, the LA based Hip-Hop artist, is releasing a music video for “Plenty Of Sunlight,” the second track from his recent EP, To Keep a Plant Alive. The video features Anaheim-native emcee Naps from the Hip-Hop group Weapons of Mass Creation (WOMC). The video pays homage to their Southern California Mexican households and the traditions they continue to celebrate as adults.

The “Plenty Of Sunlight” video follows Fig as he hosts a night of home-cooked food, family jokes and dancing for his closest friends. Fig and Naps show how younger generations can maintain the cultural traditions of their families even through changing times.

Filmed in Echo Park at the home of a friend’s late Abuela, “Plenty of Sunlight” is about being able to come to a space with no worries and no stress, eat food cooked with care and be yourself with people you love.

The track blends a laid-back drum beat, legato bass and a dream-like piano line with colorful lyrics.

Featured verse by Naps of WOMC. Video filmed and edited by Ben Floss. Track mixed and mastered by Reed Sutherland of Barnhouse Recording.

Link to Facebook version of video\

For further information: Fig FB, Fig Instagram, Fig Soundcloud, Fig Bandcamp WOMC FB, WOMC Instagram, WOMC music

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