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Hot! Ex NWA Member Eazy’s Kids Got The Raw Deal What Dre Needs To Do

Straight Outta Compton scored huge in the box office but it left many out of the equation completely such as the Murder Master Music Show’s most recent guest Arabian Prince. Hosts Prez and Mac Jay chopped it up with the former NWA member to get his side of the story.

“I would really hope that somebody like Dre would just like, I mean he don’t need no more money, but Dre needs to be the one not Cube because Cube is just a movie maker, so of course he is gonna always do it to where he is gonna make the money, but Dre needs to be the one to go…You know what man let me do this one here for Eazy’s family and his kids. Let me put something together that kind of honors Eazy-E. When he passed away his kids got the raw end of that deal, and I heard they really didn’t get paid, his parents, none of that. I think it was wack how that all went down. I think alot of things just need to come out as opposed to just a movie to make everything look all hunky dory!”


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