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Hot! DJ Paul to produce whole new Fiend album

DJ Paul of Da Mafia 6ix (Three 6 Mafia) was on the Murder Master Music Show to chop it up with Prez & Mac Jay about the new album “Watch What U Wish” which is in stores and online everywhere.
Although much of the interview was inaudible due to Paul being on his tour bus, he did say in the clip below that he and Juicy J have talked about a possible Three 6 Mafia project in the future. He also revealed that he will be releasing former No Limit artist Fiend’s next album.

On Juicy-J reunion

“It might happen, we’ve been talkin’ about it. He had just did a show and he announced it. Yeah I can see it happening. Whether it will happen or not he will always be my brother.”

Producing whole new Fiend album

“I am producing the whole next Fiend album. Fiend is a monster and everybody always like the way Fiend sound on my beats.”

Paul then went on to speak about his admiration for Rick Rubin. He talks about wanting to record with Rick.

“Fuck yeah that’s my idol! If me and Rick Rubin sat down and made an album together we would change the world, seriously he is my idol. I’ve been a fan of him ever since the Beastie Boys!”

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