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Hot! DB Tha General & Lavish D Team Up & Diss Philthy Rich, Pooh Hefner, Guce, Kurt Diggler, & Joe Blow On New Song “Mac Blast”


Just two weeks after Philthy Rich and Kurt Diggler put out a video for their controversial “Swear To God” (where they went in on Kafani, Messy Marv, Lavish D and DB Tha General), DB Tha General and Lavish team up and release a video for their new diss song “Mac Blast” and they didn’t pull any punches.

“Mac Blast” is not a regular diss song where DB and Lavish are trying to showcase their rap skills and DB and Lavish D aren’t battle rappers.

DB and Lavish D are trying to take out Philthy Rich and his whole click (“Fuck Phil, fuck Pooh, fuck Guce!”).

DB and Lavish D both call Kurt Diggler out and brand him a “snitch” and DB also claims Kurt is not allowed in the “O.” DB warns Philthy Rich that it’s “funk on sight” then threatens to kidnap Philthy Rich (“Kidnap Phil and put his ass on a landmine!”).


Philthy Rich’s longtime nemesis Lavish D goes all out. He doesn’t just go in on Philthy Rich (“Gang Wars got this nigga head doin’ tricks. That’s why you hidin’ in Vegas. You ain’t doin’ shit”) he also goes after Guce (Nigga yellin’ Hunter’s Point but not allowed in theSco’”).

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Written By Jesse Spencer

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