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Hot! Compton Rapper Slim 400 To Peform At First Annual BudTrader Ball has nothing to do with Budweiser beer collectors or former best buddies, for that matter.

Instead, it has everything to do with the budding legal marijuana industry and the buying, selling and trading of plants, produce, products and properties related to it.

Consider as a digital Autotrader with free ads, or a Craigslist catering to pot producers, users and services.

On April 20 (420 is the long-time symbol for cannabis), McLaughlin is staging his first BudTrader Ball. It’s an invitation-only “red carpet” party at an Encinitas nightclub near his office.

invitations have gone to a Who’s Who of VIPs, NFL players and other sports figures, celebrities, investors, medical marijuana advocates and politicians — even the local deputy district attorney whom McLaughlin has been consulting to ensure his business operates within rapidly changing legal boundaries.

Hip hop recording artist “Slim 400” will attend as will former Super Bowl player and ISO Sports founder Marvin Washington. He said the BudTrader Ball sends a message that the medical marijuana industry has its act together. “The NFL, the federal government and the rest of the nation are watching what happens with medical marijuana in the U.S., and our industry is ready.”

Invitee Jim Skelton, former CEO of Ocean Pacific apparel and now a financial adviser, had high praise fo BudTrader which, he says, has rapidlyestablished itself as the “leading digital marketplace platform for the legal marijuana business in 28 states and the District of Columbia.”

McLaughlin’s invitation to Gov. Jerry Brown to be guest of honor created some light-hearted buzz when it was picked up by media and social networking sites.

But it’s no joke. The CEO of BudTrader, which has grown to more than 600,000 registered users, contends marijuana will be a huge source of tax revenue and a financial boon to the cash-strapped state and shouldn’t be ignored.


Invitation to weed industry's BudTrader Ball


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