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Hot! Celebrities, Local Leaders and Community Members; A conversation about violence in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) — A packed house in the Muhammad Ali Center Auditorium heard the concerns of trauma surgeons, gunshot victims and even rappers Master P and Romeo Miller.

Master P and Romeo are from New Orleans, but they share the concern and drive of those living here to make their community safer.

“We’re going up against each other for nothing. Where is the love? Where is the Brotherly Love? We say we’re brothers. Why are we killing each other?,” asks Maser P who is Romeo’s Father.

For Shalonda Samuels, born and raised in Louisville, the familiar sight of these flashing lights and homicides hits her heart deeply.

“A lot of time we’re preaching to the choir. We need to get the word out to the people who need to be here, who need to hear this. We have to put down the guns and weapons, and we have to learn how to control ourselves and find more ways to spread love, ” Samuels said.

Film premiere promotes peace & Brotherly Love

From visitors like the Millers to Louisville natives, many agree that taking care of the young ones is a necessary step to decreasing the violence.

Master P said, “I feel like if we educate our kids and spend time with our kids that we’ll be able to save them.”

Matt Bozeman with the UL Department of Surgery said, “We’re there in the hospital, in kind of a sterile environment and they bring in a nine year old kid and its always shocking and always hard to understand.”

In comes Brotherly Love, Romeo Miller’s new movie. The famous pair hopes their message reaches the young and young at heart.

Romeo Miller who stars in the movie said, “We want to show kids you don’t got to be a product of your environment. My Pops is a living witness to that, and one choice could make the biggest difference in your life.”

Crime tape, police shootings and problems. It’s not just in Louisville but everywhere.

Many are hopeful that influential people combined with local leaders can help fast track the path to safer streets.

Saturday, Master P will help kick off the annual Dirt Bowl at Shawnee Park.

Organizers are using the six-week basketball tournament as a platform to promote a “Summer of Peace.”

The tournament runs every weekend through August 9th.

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