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Hot! Breaking News | Michael Maroy Passes Away In Las Vegas

Its reported that Too Hot For TV host Michael ‘Playboy’ Maroy has passed away in Las Vegas, NV. It’s unclear the cause of death, however, we will report more news as new information comes in. Michael Maroy is most known for the creation his pivital televised release “American Pimp”,”Cross Country Pimpin”, which is now a time capsule and a perfect depiction of the oldest profession in American History.


  1. They said he fought diabetes.

  2. Much love to my spiritual son. I will miss you, and our conversations. You will live on in the hearts of those who lives you touched and those who loved you the most. For that which is truly loved can never be lost. May YAH have mercy on your soul. Rest in Peace my friend.

  3. When I last talked to you maroy you were speaking of African kings you were going to put on your wall!!! Now you are a real king!!!!! Rip

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