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Hot! Bloods & Crips Rapper OG Sin Loc on Recording Bangin’ On Wax, Eazy-E, & More

In the early 1990s not long after the LA Riots a rap group formed Bloods & Crips and dropped the classic gold album Bangin’ On Wax. OG Sin Loc from that group, also Eazy-E of NWA’s cousin, was
on the Murder Master Music Show with hosts Prez and Mac Jay to speak on a wide variety of topics including the recording process of Bangin on Wax and how guns were first brought to the studio,
his cousin Eazy and his thoughts on his death and the film Straight Outta Compton and much more.

On Eazy’s death
First of all you could never tell me that Eazy contracted AIDS and died of AIDS! He was murdered, we can get that out the way right off the hand! I had a brother 31 years old who died of AIDS and he had it for 15 years ”

Recording Bangin On Wax in the early 90s with Bloods & Crips
“The whole thing was getting some real Bloods & Crips around. We was dissin’ each other at the same time but we was in the studio together recording that shit.
When we first got together to break the ice niggaz was showin up with guns Bloods and Crips. I would sit outside with my 12 Gauge. I gotta give Blue Rag the credit because he broke the ice and came in there and said “You can say fuck Crab, because I’m gonna say fuck Slob” and everybody laughed. Once we started laughing and realizing that we were here to record something the guns stayed at home!”

On Straight Outta Compton
“Now as far as the movie and the accuracy I would say about 65% of it was real. Eazy being a hustler was real. As far as E, he loved his family and his kids and they didn’t really cover nothing about him being a family man. They made like he was selling weed afterwards and he was being broke but in reality he had more groups.

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