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Hot! Black Gesus Talks 20 Years Of 2Pac & Death Row Record Secrets!

Death Row Records

For the first time ever, one of Compton’s Notorious Shot Callers of the “Mob Piru Gang“. OG Black Gesus spoke freely on never before publicized stories on in house secrets and many other things not made public that went on at the infamous Death Row Records.

In part 1 of this exclusive interview provide by the “Truth The Channel”, the well known Compton native goes into great lengths, revealing how Tupac was indeed embracing the Los Angeles gang culture and repping the Mob Piru Gang, along with Suge Knight and Death Row enforcer Big Buntry.

Also revealed in the 12 min conversation, several interesting stories of CEO Suge Knight getting slapped senseless, and many more never before heard, first hand facts about 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, and many more.

Check out the exclusive interview below provided by youtuber “The Truth Channel”.


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  1. The Truth Channel? Lol the same Truth Channel that faked a Orlando Anderson confession that he murdered Pac lmao! Whoever believes this trashy Youtube channel is a fool, they just faking this shit for views.

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