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Hot! Big Hutch a.k.a. Cold 187um Delivers “The Big Hit” Album Release

West Coast veteran MC BIG HUTCH, also known as Cold 187um, never seems to disappoint in keeping the legacy of Ruthless Records and his former group Above The Law alive as he surprises fans with his latest album release entitled “The Big Hit”, produced by Cold 187um himself, dropping Tuesday April 1st at midnight eastern standard time right here on BIGSHOTMUSIC.NET. When asked why Hutch decided to let his fans know he was releasing a new album 12 hours before the release date, he explained:

“I didn’t want to do the same ole “pre-hype” type of promotion with this project. I have a long enough history with my fans to where I can just get the word out and be like here is my new album…go get it, without all the fluff and drag. Most of the time when I do pre-hype a release, my fans want it right then and there anyways. They don’t want to have to wait a month or two for it to drop. I’m giving my fans what they really want, a record from me that they can purchase within a few hours of knowing about the release.”

“The Big Hit” album will be releasing off of Hutch’s imprint West World Records and back in collaboration with Big Shot Music Group which had distributed previous releases such as “Ef U Hutch,” “Only God Can Judge Me,” and Hutch’s first ever mixtape “From Pomona With Love.” Hutch, briefly, was on Insane Clown Posse‘s Psychopathic Records label and released the story telling album “The Only Solution” where he played the character of Cold 187um “The Psychopathic Assassin,” but not only was the label going through changes of their own, there had seem to be a split in the Juggalo community about Hutch signing to the label which eventually took its toll leading to Hutch’s departure of Psychopathic. But the pioneer of G-Funk, rightfully acknowledged by G-Funk associate Warren G, continued focusing on producing and has now taken on a protégé of his own via a young Victorville, California MC known as Cali Barnes as the duo plans on release his debut EP/Album entitled “I Am The True Definition of Hip-Hop.”

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