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Hot! UPDATE: 99 North: The Soundtrack feat. Shake Da Mayor & Diego Redd (Cover Art + Tracklist + Movie Trailer)

Shake da Mayor and Diego Redd, the rap group known as 99 North, is finally prepared to unveil the musical soundtrack to their upcoming motion picture “99 North”, an original Hip Hop musical directed by the #1 West Coast independent director Damon Jamal.

Not your typical anything, 99 North is a wild ride filled with action, suspense, conscience messages and more. For those that have had exclusive  listening and visual sneak peek’s for the upcoming duo release, say its definitely one of Fresno, California’s monumental milestones.

99 North is now available online for pre-order and is expected to be released worldwide August 5th. Stay tuned to the Siccness Network for more updates.


1. 99 North Intro
2. Streets is Callin’
3. N****s Get Hit
4. More I Want
5. Stay True
6. Secret Lover
7. Money on My Mind
8. B.O.A.T.S
9. F**k tha Police
10. Trust
11. The System-A Mother’s Words
12. Stay Strong
13. N****s Do N***a S**t
14. 99 North Outro

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