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Raymell Campbell, 27, and Dominique Brown, 26, had been friends since high school.

On Sunday night, loved ones are left wondering who would’ve opened fire on them on the freeway.

Brown, who was killed on her older brother’s birthday, had just starting pursuing her dream of becoming a rapper. She leaves behind two young children.

“I want to tell your viewers to look at his face,” Brown’s mother, Barha Matthews, said.

Matthews said she can’t bring herself to tell her grandson his mother is gone.

“I’m pretty much numb, because — I am just numb,” she said.

Police said someone fired 30 rounds into the white Chrysler 200 that Brown and Campbell were traveling in on I-94.

“I don’t want to say she was targeted, (but) I think she was at wrong place wrong time,” Matthews said.

Brown had just entered the music world and was starting to get noticed as a local rapper.

“It kind of came overnight,” Matthews said. “She got up and was like, ‘I want to rap.’ A lot of people were telling her how good she was because she just started a month ago.”

Campbell was a well-known Detroit artist who went by the name Mel. Family members said the pair were leaving a recording studio when they were killed.

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