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Hot! Video @50Cent Talks The Game, Ebro, A&E Show, Bang’em Smurf, Quitting Instagram & More


50 Cent Interview on Power 98 w/ Danny Diaz on March 18th, 2016. Over the weekend, Danny Diaz sat down with 50 Cent for an exclusive interview about what has been going on in his career! From his hit show “Power” to making strides back in the hip-hop industry, 50 Cent has a lot up his sleeve this year.


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  1. Lucid,,somebody slipped fifth a Mickey,,real talk,fifth didn’t ruin NY rap he ruined NY speech,,king of random thoughts and run on sentences,idk when these interviewers will learn to come prepared get loaded before they interview tree,,zany,,mushrooms I’d be popping whatever I could get my hands on,,speaking of hands on what was fifth doing touching young homie,, he was looking mad confused,,

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