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Hot! 25th anniversary Cypress Hill (album)re-release seems to be More for fans

Yes its the 25th anniversary of Cypress Hill,and in celebration to that,”CH” will be re-releasing it in what some call brilliant marketing by the veteran rap group.

There will only be a limited 1,991 copies available for purchase through the Boston record label Get On Down Records, according to Rolling Stone.

B-Real says of the skull.”It’s a great idea” “It goes along with the imagery that we’ve carried throughout the 25 years of our career., like, a Cypress Hill trophy.”

The collection comes with a CD of the album’s 16 tracks and a 100-plus-page book with interviews and pictures from the group, which also includes Sen Dog and DJ Muggs.

It took three years for Get On Down  to perfect the skull, which is based off theCypress Hill logo.Known for its creative releases,  GZA’s Liquid Sword in a chess set and Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx cassette in a watch box. Marketing.

Cypress Hill’s “25th Anniversary Skull” is available for pre-order August 13





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