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Hot! Yukmouth: NBA Shouldn’t Take Team From Sterling

During a sit down with VladTV, Bishop Don Juan and Bay Area rapper Yukmouth discussed the Donald Sterling controversy at length, both revealing that they don’t believe the NBA should take the Clippers from Sterling, nor force him to sell. Yukmouth breaks down why:

“At the end of the day, that was a private recorded conversation. They had no right to take the team from him, period. You can say that he don’t deserve to be at the head of operations or whatever…you can fine him. They didn’t have to take the team from him.”

Bishop Don Juan agrees, saying that a chick, no matter who she is, shouldn’t be able to break down an empire:

“Here a side chick come in and wreck a whole NBA franchise…yeah I know her…but players got to know how to check their game.”

Yukmouth argued that while it may be unreasonable for Sterling to remain head of the franchise, he should be able to pass it on to his family instead of being forced to sell.

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