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Hot! Young Buck’s Valuables On Sale At Auction

A number of Young Buck’s valuables will be available at auction soon, including jewellery and recording equipment.


The rapper’s goods are being auctioned by the IRS (Inland Revenue Service) in an open auction. An opportunity to preview the items available will arise on July 25. The agency sale will apparently be held in Nashville, Tennessee.


In December 2011, Young Buck (born David Darnell Brown) was forced into liquidation when a Nashville US Bankruptcy Court judge converted a Chapter 11 reorganization of his assests to a Chapter 7 liquidation. The trustee dealing with Young Buck’s estate announced that she planned to sell the trademarked name, “Young Buck,” as well as any other assets which had been seized for non payment.


WRCB TV reports that creditors had submitted claims that came to a total of $11.5 million, which included a claim from G-Unit records. Allegedly, Young Buck owed 50 Cent’s company $10 million due to a contract breach on his part.


The Wall Street Journal reported in April that 50 Cent had attempted to block the sale of Young Buck’s assets, so that the exact amount owed to G-Unit could be worked out.

Source: YoRaps

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