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Hot! Young Buck’s Bankruptcy Means No Money For G-Unit

Well, there’s good news for former G-Unit soldier Young Buck, but bad news for his former crew. Young Buck’s bankruptcy case has ben settled. However, all of the money he owes G-Unit and 50 Centwill be written off.

Back when everything was all good in G-Unit, 50 Cent lent Young Buck $300,000. Buck did repay a portion of the money, but fell on hard financial times and still owed 50 Cent $171, 000. Once things went sour between Young Buck and the 50 Cent stable, he was asked to finish paying off his debt, but since he couldn’t afford to pay his own personal bills, there was no way Young Buck could wipe out his debt to 50 Cent. G-Unit Records also came fishing for their money. So they hit Young Buck with a lawsuit worth $10 million.

Now that his bankruptcy case is settled, Young Buck is off the hook from having to pay G-Unit the $10 million he owes them. Also, 50 Cent is out of $171,000 because that was written off as well. While Young Buck’s music industry rivals won’t be seeing any money, guess who will. That’s right. The bankruptcy trustee, Young Buck’s layers, and the government will wind up splitting $330,000. Where Young Buck is going to come up with $330,000 remains to be seen.


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