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Hot! Washington State Police Caught On Tape Brutally Beating Two Men

Officers claim in the police reports that they were responding to a fight when they came across the two men who they described as intoxicated, combative and were refusing orders. The two brothers admit they’d been drinking, but weren’t arguing with the officers.

Things went quickly south from there. ”I had my hands raised in the air, I was complying with the officer’s demands,” said Chappelle. On the dash-cam video, Chappelle is seen holding his hands up. With the video slowed down, you can see him start to go to the ground before the officer gets to him.

Once handcuffed, the two were walked to the patrol cars, where you can see the bloodied face of 29-year-old Jamez Amili. ”I was just trying to make sure I stay alive, ’cause I was really, like, feeling like I was about to die ’cause I couldn’t breathe at all,” Amili said. The two brothers were arrested for investigation of obstruction of justice and resisting arrest.

Police say they also assaulted the officers during the struggle. But when the two men were taken to jail, the guards turned them away. They told police they needed to be taken to the hospital instead. According to Chappelle and Amili, they never got treatment at Highline Hospital, despite what it says in the police report.

“A police officer was holding my eyelid open, while another police officer was spraying water in my face,” Chappelle said. They say the officers washed-off their faces in the garage at the Tukwila Police Department, then drove them around with the windows down. ”I think they were trying to make the swelling in our faces go down,” said Chappelle.

Finally, three hours after they were first approached by police, Chappelle and Amili were taken to the jail and booked. ”Basically, like, I was kidnapped. Just ’cause you’re the police, I don’t think you should be able to drive around with people for five hours and beat them to death because you’ve got power,” Amili said.

Although both men have prior convictions for drugs and assault, the charges related to this case against Jamez Amili were recently dismissed by a judge and are still pending for his brother Charles Chappelle.

The brothers are considering suing the Tukwila Police Department.

Tukwila police said they won’t comment on an ongoing investigation.


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