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Hot! Uncle Murda Changes Name

Uncle Murda has revealed that he will be changing his name for business purposes only.

He said that the new name was purely for financial reasons.

Speaking to Hot 97, he said that the name “Murda” and its associations held him back when it came to bookings, so he would be going by the name of “UM”.

“The new name is UM,” Murda said. “It’s still Uncle Murda, but the new name is UM and that’s just for business purposes — to make the money come a little bit easier. I know the Murda thing’s been holding me back. When I come to shows, they be scared to book me. They’ll still book me because the record will be doing good, Hot 97’ll be going in and all that, but you know, I still get booked but it be making it difficult. Even god bless when Chris Lighty was here, doing a lot of the business, he’d reach out and we’d still get it but we would have to change the name, we’d have to say ‘Uncle M’ or ‘UM’ for certain things he’d have me do for Pepsi — I don’t want to scare the money away no more.”


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