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Hot! Trae the Truth “Exposes” Hospital Callousness After June 20th Shooting

Grand Hustle Rapper “Trae The Truth” who caught a bullet in the shoulder on June 20th during a shooting outside a Houston strip club says that he had a harrowing experience in the hospital.

On Wednesday, the rapper opened up on RapFix Live and said “The lady left me bleedin’ like two hours in the bed by myself, like nobody else came in there,” “It was blood all over the bed, they had to change the sheets, the mattress,” he recounted. Initially, Trae didn’t know how serious the shooting was. He was one of five people shot that night, three of whom died from their injuries and one of whom was paralyzed. “I didn’t find none of this out until Homicide came to come and take me away,” he said. “The way I came in the hospital with a hole in my back was the same way I left. I didn’t get no bandage, I ain’t get no stitches, they didn’t take the bullet out, none of that.”


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