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Hot! Too $hort Says “Weird Science” EDM Album Doesn’t Exist

According to Oakland rapper Too $hort, an album that would have been his first EDM-based project was nothing more than a rumor. He revealed to the news after being questioned about the project, which was reportedly titled Weird Science, during a newly-published interview with Vlad TV.

Too $hort, who has dabbled in some dance music and other genres outside of Hip Hop, says he was unsure of how exactly the rumor started, but shared that it could have been the result of a marketing campaign someone he worked with in the past was promoting.

“I hate to tell you, but that whole situation is somebody’s creative marketing campaign who obviously I did a song with ‘em,” Too $hort said. “And I have dabbled in some dance music doing like little verses and messing around in the studio and stuff, but I did not release an album. No time anywhere in the near past or anything. I don’t know how that rumor started. People told it me was directly on the internet.

“There’s no album that says ‘Too $hort blah blah blah’ and it’s 10, 12 songs of me rapping to dance music. There’s no such thing,” he added.

News of Too $hort’s alleged Weird Science EDM album was first announced in February of this year. The announcement came complete with a press release and reported titled track.

According to the press release, Weird Science was scheduled for release on March 25 and would have featured one original track and 10 remixes featuring San Francisco rapper Oh Blimey.

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