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Hot! Tony Parker Claims W.I.P. Club Fanned The Flames Of Drake and Chris Brown’s Brawl In $20 Lawsuit

San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker is suing New York’s W.I.P. club where Drake and Chris Brown’s crews became involved in a brawl. According to the basketball player’s suit, Brown’s camp initiated the fight, but he’s holding the club responsible for providing bottle service to the two camps.

Parker’s attorney David Jaroslawicz claims that the club was “throwing gasoline on the flames” of the dispute between Brown and Drake, according to the New York Post. Jaroslawicz also confirmed that the fight between the two rappers, who are not named in the suit, was over Rihanna saying, “She’s been known, like Helen of Troy, to cause trouble.”

Parker wasn’t sitting with either rapper when the two camps began hurling bottles at each other but he did say he was “with my friend Chris Brown [when] they started throwing bottles everywhere.”

Parker is looking for a payout of $20 million after suffering a corneal laceration on his left eye which may not be life threating but Jaroslawicz says injuries “certainly don’t improve your outside shot.”

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