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Hot! Three 6 Mafia Unites

On Episode 81 of the Murder Master Music Show of UGS Radio, DJ Paul’s newly formed reunion with Three 6 Mafia past members known as Da Mafia 6ix which consists of Lord Infamous, Koopsta Knicca, Gangsta Boo and Crunchy Black all showed up making this a historical reunion in a sense for fans of the Memphis legends.

This was the first time the five did an interview together at the same time since at least 2000. 


Much of the interview was in disarray due to the amount of people on the line, as well as some people on speaker phone. After things got halfway normal the main question was not answered and that was



At 21:15  when Prezident Bejda asked


Why does Juicy not want to be a member?



Paul would not answer but did say


“Nobody never said he didn’t wanna be a part of it! I think he did wanna be a part of it. Thats a question to be asked later!” 



Leaving the fans only to speculate the possible reasons. But later on Crunchy stated that when Paul is ready to speak on it he will. More than likely this is a money issue but we will not know until it is spoken on.



Gangsta Boo how ever showed up on her high horse when people were talking at around 25:43 she blurted out



“Are we suppose to be getting asked questions?”  Then a few seconds later right around 26:00 she told the host “You getting a rock on aren’t you?”



That is when the host Prezident Bejda knocked her off her high horse



“When Juicy dissed you I reached out to you to be on the show and you said you don’t do online interviews so its a miracle to have you on I’m actually surprised you are on the line!”



She didn’t even realize that the host was basically saying she acted like a snob and all she could say was



“Anything for DJ Paul” 



The highlights of the interview were just hearing everyone talk which is something we have not heard in years. Lord, Crunchy, and Paul showed a high level of professionalism, Koop made a few wise cracks here and there and Boo was obviously wanting to be doing something much more important like getting some peasant to kiss her feet or wipe her ass.



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